2023 End of the Year Reflections

God Calls Us to Remember...

It’s Christmas time, and the weeks leading up to the celebration of Jesus’ birth, Advent, invites us to anticipate and remember. All throughout the Bible, God calls His people to remember. Why? Because we so easily forget His faithfulness.

This year started with a critical need of new board members in important positions that are required by the state. I met with leaders in person and online throughout January to provide an update on needs and ask for prayers. It was encouraging to have time with so many women who love this ministry as much as I do and pray together for God to provide.

I have to admit, I was worried the ministry would need to pause, but God had a plan! God is so good. He provides just at the right time, so that I know it is from God, not from my own strength. Each year, I’m reminded how much of an Israelite I am…I forget God’s goodness and all that He has already done. He will guide, He will provide, He IS faithful in all things.

By February, we had the two important board positioned filled by women within the ministry and even added a role, Digital Lead, to the board that would bless us in time for increasing our online presence. We held our first board meeting and started tackling our big goal of building and launching a brand new site.

We became a 100% donor funded ministry this past year, taking a leap of faith that God would work through others to sustain this ministry. Again, God is good! Individuals and Beauties families poured out generously to Beauties all year and during each matching campaign. The ministry is starting strong for 2024 and will be working on developing more online tools for our leaders, adding a new middle school curriculum theme, and building community by hosting a leader social.

I love Christmas, the lights and music, but most importantly, I love that it reminds me to remember all that Jesus has done for us, especially from the cradle to the cross, to the empty tomb. John 1:14 “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.”

My goal in 2024 is to be more mindful of remembering what God has done and is doing all year long; to really savor His unwavering goodness and faithfulness and allow that to transform my trust and dependence on Him.

I invite you to join me!

Much love,

Rachel Bates

2023 God In Action

  • Awarded 2023 Great Nonprofit ranking
  • Welcomed 50 leaders
  • 233 Participants
  • 13 Cities across Colorado
  • Welcomed 3 new board members
  • Built and launched new website
  • Hosted 4 live leader workshops
  • Promoted on KLove Radio and Air1 Radio
  • Gifted 2 matching campaigns, raising $15,000 for next year.
  • Added social media to reach larger audience
  • Partnered with Dare 2 Share non-profit for future content elements

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