Second Year Celebrations | 2021 Newsletter

2021 was our second year as an official non-profit and we have so much to celebrate! The board’s big goal was to create a central hub for communication and resources for our leaders and families: a Beauties website!

We hired a Wix website developer and for several months, over zoom calls and emails, we problem solved the workflow and necessary features to meet our ministry needs. We launched the website in April of 2021. Within a month, we learned what was working and what needed to change. We listened to feedback and worked with our developer to improve the parent/participant side of the site. Like with any polished speech or essay, it takes time and many drafts to come to a finalized piece. This is true for a website as well!

We are so thankful to our leaders and families for the patience they illustrated through all of the changes and through the problem solving of unexpected glitches. By November, we had an updated website functioning more efficiently. Although there are improvements to come in the years ahead, we are proud of the current result and pray it is a site that Beauties families are proud to share with others. We invite all of you to visit the website and pass it along to those who may be interested! www.iamabeauty.org We also celebrate the success of our annual swag fundraiser!

Every year we raise money for the organization, website development and future scholarships. The t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats make great gifts and are a fun way for girls to feel connected while publicly showing others something that is near and dear to their hearts.

If girls recognize a Beauties sweatshirt or t-shirt on someone they don’t know, they WILL know they have so much in common through Beauties! Through generous support, the Beauties community raised $540!

We celebrate that our community is growing! This year, we had 34 leaders, leading 18 groups across 9 different cities along the Front Range. The ministry is impacting over 150 girls! Please pray for us to reach more families in Colorado next year!

Finally, the most important thing to celebrate is how Beauties is making a difference in the lives of families and girls!

Some of the amazing testimonials from leaders and parents...

“The girls have really enjoyed Beauties so far this year. Just last week, we had 3 new girls come to try it out! We have a lovely girl whose family is going through a very difficult time with divorce and custody issues. God had really provided some significant comfort, friendship and laughter here for her each month. Her mother shared that she really looks forward to being here, and we’re continuing to pray for healing as the year goes on.” Laura D. (3/4th grade Leader)

“Beauties has been a wonderful opportunity for my daughter to connect with other girls and learn her true worth in the Lord. In this day and age I cannot think of anything more important than to get the message ingrained in them that they are enough, they are priceless and loved. I wish there was something like this when I was growing up to speak the truth into me to combat the lies the world tries to get us to believe. Our only complaint is that we wish it was more than once a month because we love it so much!” Dana M. (3rd/4th grade parent)

 “We met with the 3rd/4th grade Superior/Louisville group yesterday for a fantastic Beauties time together. The girls were able to process their experience of the Marshall Fire, most of them evacuating from their homes. One of our precious girls lost her home and all of possessions in the fire. She bravely shared about her experience and we finished the meeting by getting to shower her with some new “favorite” things from the girls. We finished our meeting praying for her and her family and for all the classmates and friends of these girls who are displaced. We are grateful for God’s presence of peace over these girls.” Stephanie S. (2nd/3rd grade Leader)

 “When I asked my daughter what she likes about Beauties she shared that she really likes doing crafts and playing games. She also said that she’s learning about God in a fun way. In addition, she has made some nice friendships. What I like about my daughter being in Beauties is seeing her grow in her faith and understanding of God. She always looks forward to attending her Beauties meetings!” Nannette J. (6th grade parent)

If you would like to partner with us in 2022, please donate by visiting www.iamabeauty.org/donate or mailing a check to Beauties 60 Pebble Brook Court, Erie CO 80516.

Grateful for your prayers and partnership,
Rachel Bates

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